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Ketron sd1

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The SD1 Plus from Ketron is a 76-key arranger workstation that offers all of the features you've come to expect from a high-quality workstation keyboard, plus some other features that bring the fun back into playing and creating music live or in a studio. The half-weighted keys are velocity sensitive and have aftertouch to help recreate a real piano feeling. The high-quality sound engine provides numerous voices and a 64-voice polyphony.

The SD1 Plus has plenty of preprogrammed styles, timbres, drum loops and kits for your playing needs. The intuitive interface features a large backlit screen, pitch and modulation wheels, and a plethora of buttons for instantly accessing the tools you need. Sophisticated arranger and sequencer functions are terrific for song creations, and a 16MB sampler is provided that allows wave graph editing. A vocalizer provides controllable harmonies for your singing. The most unique features of the SD1 Plus include the ability to synchronize a WAV file with a MIDI file or style and therefore change the tempo of WAV files without affecting the pitch. Display of .TXT files in arranger mode eliminates the need for sheet music. Simplified hard disk management, the capability of muting individual instruments in a sampled groove, and more are also built into the instrument. All of these features tucked neatly into a sleek and portable housing designed to withstand the rigors of professional use make the SD1 Plus a great choice for your arranger workstation needs.

Key Features • 76 Half-Weighted Keys The 76 keys are half weighted and are also velocity-sensitive and have aftertouch for recreating a piano feel. • Realistic Voices The high-quality sound engine provides the ultimate in realistic instruments, such as sax with breath, guitars with fret noise, etc. • Intuitive Interface Pitch and modulation wheels, control buttons, and a large backlit screen provide a smooth and easy working environment. • Connectivity XLR and 1/4" microphone inputs, 1/4" audio outputs, MIDI in, out, and thru connectors, microphone outputs, pedal and footswitch inputs, and a computer interface give the SD1 Plus great connectivity. • Hard Disk and Floppy Drive The 6GB internal hard drive and 3.5" floppy drive provide terrific storage capabilities. • Arranger Multiple intros, fills, breaks, and endings, along with several loops and styles are included to construct songs in a variety of genres. An assignable split function divides the keyboard into two to four different voices while the program mode lets you layer up to four voices at once. • Vocalizer When using a microphone, the vocalizer function can be engaged to provide you with keyboard-controlled harmonies. • Effects 60 effects, including reverb, chorus, and much more are provided to add richness to your sound. • Sampling 16MB of sample RAM is provided to record new sounds to your instrument at CD-quality levels. A multisample file can be created that accommodates up to 64 samples for an amazing timbre. • Digital Drawbars The digital drawbars provide terrific control over the organ voices. • Sequencer The 16-track sequencer allows meticulous song construction. • Optional Video Out The optional video output let you connect an external television or computer monitor, great for karaoke applications.